• Pete Blakemore

The rise of the TukTuk!

Not since Del Boy was wheeling and dealing on our screens in his grubby yellow Reliant Robin have 3-wheelers been so popular here in the UK. Ok, so maybe no-one ever really wanted to emulate Trotter Snr and swap the family car for a Robin.. but then again those 3 wheels didn’t carry the same charm as a #TukTuk!

If you’ve spent any time in Asia or maybe just Italy, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of hailing an ever present TukTuk to get from A to B. It’s certainly one of life’s pleasures to sit in the back of a TukTuk, with a clear view of the road ahead and of course the breeze keeping you cool as you head to the next beach.

Whilst we may may not be blessed with constant beach weather here at home, us Brits are an adventurous and hardy lot, and if we can relive the best of our holiday experiences back home, all the better.

This has meant that the enormously fun TukTuk is now becoming a more commonly available export to be enjoyed for a variety of leisure activities. Search the web and you can find TukTuk companies in the UK offering everything from city tours to personal hire and chauffeured services for #weddings and other occasions, as well as the increasingly popular #photobooth trend.

With a passenger seat made just for two, there‘s no more intimate and #romantic mode of transport for lovebirds to enjoy that most special of journeys in, the first trip as a #married couple. Just the two of you and the open road.. where will a TukTuk take you to next?

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